Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chiquitita - ABBA cover by Alborada - In Memory of Lisa Steinberg

have never been able to forget the tragic beating death of little Lisa Steinberg in 1987 by her adoptive, abusive father Joel Steinberg. Chiquitita made famous by ABBA. This is an instrumental cover by the Peruvian group Alborada.

Lisa Steinberg was pronounced brain dead 4 days after her illegally adoptive father, Joel Steinberg, struck her in the head with such force as to cause a subdural hematomo. The woman she called mother, Hedda Nussbaum, was also a victim of horrendous physical and psycological abuse at the hands of Joel Steinberg, and was so trammatized and brainwashed that she was utterly helpless in helping Lisa as she lay on the floor of the filthy house dying. This story was a sensational headline at the time, not because Lisa was the only child to die at the hands of a parental abuser, but because the abuser was a very successful New York attorney and Hedda Nussbaum was a journalist and Children's book publisher at Random House...people who one might not think could abuse and beat a child to death. The days long front page story and weeks long sensational televised trial opened the eyes of millions the world over at how frequent and rampant spousal and child abuse really had become.

Read about this tragic story at the below link and/or seach Lisa Steinberg's name in google for the details.

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